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Why surface preparation is important

Good surface preparation is important to successful house painting for many reasons:

  1. Paint adhesion
    Surfaces that are in good repair, sanded and clean provide a durable foundation for the bonding of applied paint.

  2. Durability
    Well-prepared surfaces help to extend the life of your painting job.

  3. Aesthetics
    Well-prepared surfaces look better than poorly-prepared surfaces. Poorly-crafted repairs, uncaulked gaps and other surface preparation problems all detract, and often quite noticeably, from your painting job.

  4. Stain sealing
    Surface stains must be sealed to prevent them from penetrating and staining freshly-applied paint.

  5. Surface sealing
    Surfaces that are "surface sealed" will have a more uniform paint absorbtion rate than surfaces that are not properly surface sealed. Good surface sealing and uniform paint absorbtion is important, as the color and/or finish of paints may vary somewhat where surface sealing is irregular. Areas that are not well surfaced sealed are more absorbant and may tend to show less of the paint's color and sheen (due to greater paint absorbtion) than areas that are well surface sealed. (where more of the paint's color and sheen are resident on the surface)

  6. Good-quality house paint is expensive- get the most from your investment

  7. Get the most from your invested time. Good surface preparation helps you to get the job done right- the first time. Having to redo surface preparation and paint application wastes time, money and causes unneeded aggravation.

    Detailed information about interior house painting surface preparation can be found in the book:

    The Homeowner's Guide to Surface Preparation for Interior House Painting.

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