Safely using tools, materials and supplies

Read and follow the directions for use and safety precautions of all tools, materials and supplies used when cleaning, preparing and repairing surfaces for interior house painting. Contact the manufacturer whenever you are unclear about any direction for use or safety precaution. DO NOT use any tool, material or supply until you fully understand all directions for use and safety precautions.

Always work in a safe, sober, informed and controlled manner. DO NOT consume alcoholic beverages before or during the time of use of any tool, material or supply used when preparing surfaces. If frustrated or angered, refrain from using any tool, material or supply used in the preparation of interior surfaces. DO NOT begin or continue working until you are able to work in a controlled manner.

Putty knives, taping knives, scrapers, utility knives and other tools used when preparing interior surfaces have metal edges, sharp blades and moving parts that can inflict cuts and cause injury during use. Always work carefully with tools.

Inspect electric tools before use. Check electric power tool cords and plugs for fraying and damage. A frayed cord or damaged plug can cause electric shock. Before beginning surface preparation work, have any frayed cords or damaged plugs repaired, or replace the electric tool.

Have a fresh blade in your utility knife when cutting the nozzle on a tube of caulk.

DO NOT leave lit or hot work lights unattended.

Use caution and care when working and walking on drop cloth-covered surfaces.

This information can be found on page 22 of the book: The Homeowner's Guide to Surface Preparation for Interior House Painting.

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